I’m Christine, children’s book publisher.

I’m inspired by Zimbabwe and the African continent in general. Bonafide tea drinker ( hot tea only), writer, podcast fanatic, and lover of all things entrepreneurial.

my books

Adventure in Morocco

Makanaka’s World

Oh, my noodles! Makanaka just got a message from her friend, Nadia. She’s inviting Makanaka to visit her—in Morocco!

Fari and Makanaka quickly take off for Casablanca. But when they arrive, they discover that Nadia has a problem. Someone has taken her team’s soccer ball! Can Makanaka and Fari help Nadia’s team solve the mystery?

Gogo's Garden (Not final image)

Gogo is a master gardener and Fungie, her granddaughter, wants nothing more than to be a master just like her. She watches and learns from Gogo carefully, and is delighted when gets to show off her talents to Gogo.

In this heartwarming story, readers will experience  Gogo’s majestic garden filled with flowers, vegetables, trees and all sorts of naughty creatures native to Zimbabwe.

 COMING MAY 2021. 

Global Kidz House is a book publishing company specializing in children’s books that celebrate the diversity of Africa and the African diaspora. Stories of Africa and Africans are often told from a place of lack. Yet there are also stories about love and friendship; stories about innovative, creative and ambitious people. Stories that are funny, dramatic, radical and inspiring.

We’re building all these fantastic worlds at Global Kidz House.

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